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Welcome to Binani Security Company

Binani Security Company Limited
was incorporated March 3rd 2006.  The security outfit constitutes people with remarkable achievements and versed experience in the field.
The Co-operate Head Office is at 9, Thaba-Tseka Street, Off IBB Way, Wuse II, Abuja and regional offices covering the country as a whole.

The company started providing security services to the Nigeria public since March 3, 2006.  The company was duly registered with the Nigerian Civil Defence and Security Corps [NSDSC] in accordance with the National Law on 26 April 2005.

We want you to consider these few things before you go away from your homes, business places, development sites and your offices. Everyone wants to know that their life, property and families are safe.
Fortunately, securing your home properties need not be a complicated or expensive process. Remember when it comes to protecting your family and property, corporate assets, don’t take any chances.

Security system to us are more than just alarms or single barriers, they are combination of technology and good human practices, ones that offer an efficient and effective method of keeping you and your family business secure so, you can concentrate on what really matter most, “running your business.”
Our Security Guards/Officers provides protection for people and property in wide variety of environments, factories, warehouses, offices, shopping centers, park, hospitals, concerts and sports events, cash logistic/cash in transits.
The growing responsibilities of these personnel and their increasing public interface, has resulted ever higher levels of training and professionalism. Our management teams are people who have excel in the topmost of their career at local and International levels.

Our advice is that clients should not employ security contracts on cost alone, but should also take into account a range of other factors when making procurement decisions, such as internal governance of the organization, quality of service, level of training of personnel and adherence to National legislation and voluntary code of conduct.

We are also, advising that clients should consider the organizations capability, effective implementation of laid down guidelines of which is single.


To be the first Indigenous Security Organization that use both local and international developed talents to meet world class standard.


To expertly manage the risk exposure of customers by providing them with quality related security solutions and cash management services, supported by appropriate technology, in accordance with world-class systems and procedures.  Through this, stakeholder value is created.


Binani Security Company Nigeria Limited believes in open and honest communication and acknowledges that its people are its most important asset.  Consequently it believes in the   empowerment of its people viz Integrity, honesty, diligence, accountability, reliability, discipline and loyalty are foremost, and the company applies ethical business behavior practices throughout.  It undertakes to comply with its social responsibilities and apply principles of sound and accepted corporate governance.


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